Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is stargate? / Who is this server for?

  2.             Stargate is the server for use by students of the Math/Computer Science/Information Technology department of SUNY NCC.

  3. How do I get access to my files on stargate from home?

                You may download and use Secure Shell to connect to stargate. Download SSH for Windows. You must also complete another step. Look in your class notes or ask your instructor for details.

  4. I need help with a technical issue. What do I do?

                The very first step is to look at your class notes. If you still have a question go to the Computer Learning Center located in B225. You can also fill out a help desk ticket at Submit Ticket, General Technology Help on the right, service request form. Note: Helpdesk tickets are NOT for curriculum issues such as help needed for a homework assignment.